Artist: Digimon Adventure 02: Michi e no armor shinka
Song: "Daisuke, Dark Evolution!"


Yamato➟Sora in the Drama CD
I’m sorry I love them so much that I had to have it on my blog.
The translation are from * & * so yeah they are not 100% accurate ;u; and I’m not sure but i think the audio is kind of loud? so be aware of that.
* = I dont know how translate that haha :c
Piyomon: Ah, Yamato is here too!
Sora, I love you!
Sora: Let’s do it too.. ¡Digemental Up!
Piyomon: Piyomon armor digivolve to.. the repetitive love* Kyuukanmon!
Kyuukanmon: Hey Piyomon,Don’t you think Yamato-kun have been cold lately? x 3
Sora: EH.. stop.. please.. i say.. stop!
Yamato: You are wrong Sora. Alright, I will show you the proof of my love!

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“And now, we’ll commemorate the knighting of the Ashford Academy Student Council’s  disciplinary officer, Kururugi Suzaku. Let’s Get this party started!”


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“the new pokémon designs are so dumb gen one has the only good designs”

Gen I had a Pokémon whose forehead is a flaming ass.

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The Four Seasons of 5 Centimeters: Spring → Summer → Fall → Winter

Despite the changing seasons, I remain deeply in love with you.

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